Master the Last Mile Delivery challenge
 with Google Maps

Google Maps

It is obvious that the Last Mile Delivery is the final step of the customer journey. In other words, this is the most critical part of the relationship between you and your customer. Getting the purchase faster is trending as never before and mastering the delivery is the road to success and this can be achieved with location and with Google Maps.

Google Maps is a wealth of solutions that makes your delivery job easier and more efficient which enables you to provide your consumers with a real end-to-end lifetime value.


    • Inform your customers in real time about the delivery and reduce incoming calls to your call center
    • Optimize your dispatch by tracking your trucks/cars/bikes
    • Improve your forecast delivery by predicting departure time
    • Calculate driving directions to find the fastest route and avoid traffic jam


Download our press release to discover how Carrefour (and its online grocery website Ooshop) has transformed its tracking delivery.


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