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Ebook: How Location Can Help Online Merchants to Drive More Revenues?

If you haven’t taken the time to flick through Web Geo Services’ first Minibook ‘The two main issues of geolocation within your e-commerce website’, then give in right now to curiosity to keep up with the latest major trends that are generating additional business. This little white paper is free and synthetic. Moreover, it was made specially for professionals like yourself. This Minibook is not meant to teach you how to do your job, rather to show you some aspects of location in an e-commerce context you would not have suspected! Finally, this era being all about creating qualitative contents to guide stakeholders and users, Web Geo Services is no exception, guiding you with its Minibook towards high value-added projects!

What if it all started with improving conversion rates?

If we apply the funnel approach to each physical point of sale, each retailer is able to say how many people have to walk past his store-thus useful visits-to register a sale in the end. However, reality becomes more complex with the growth of e-commerce, which changes pretty much everything. Indeed, given the superposition of canals, we can consider several configurations:

  • The potential customer can be located far away from the brick & mortar shop. In that case, he will rather count on the reliability of having the goods delivered to his place (Last Mile Delivery),
  • He can make a choice or book on the web and then complete the sale in store while getting advice on-site. That’s even more likely to happen if the shop is located in his geographic reach (Drive to Store – ROPOClick & Collect),
  • While on a trip, he may have an unexpected need that he will be able to meet by looking around to find his favourite retail chain (Store & Product locators).

Therefore, there will be an increase in the number of occasions to make people go to points of sale. Moreover, visits will be more qualified as prospects will have done some research beforehand on the product they are looking for (availability, size, features, price…).

These key concepts are extensively developed in our Minibook so that you can understand-according to your situation-the factors that can optimize conversion rates.

With geolocation (or location data), the act of purchasing is now going beyond a simple transaction!

Nowadays, fickle and demanding prospects take their time, compare, browse, and read comments on offers that are appealing to them. Therefore, the ease provided by geolocation can make a difference and become a true support in the context of your business strategy:

  • Details about the shop’s location according to the user’s geographic position,
  • Transparency as to delivery times or availability of the parcel at the collection point,
  • Real-time viewing of the store’s stock level before visiting (thanks to Big Data!)

If the connected device quickly delivers the correct information to the prospect about the location or the product, the prospect will be reactive and loyal to the brand even though there are now multiple means to get our merchandise (Omnichannel). The e-commerce & geolocation mix reinforces and maintains a connection between the brand and the buyer thanks to a unique customer experience.

Did this make you want to learn more? Don’t be the last to find out about the potential input that a geolocation device can give to your business activity. New and even more original contents are to come. To your mice! Ready, set… download! Here is a link for direct access.