10 reasons to subscribe to Location Magazine, the newsletter specialising in e-commerce and localisation

10 reasons to subscribe to Location Magazine, the newsletter specialising in e-commerce and localisation

Digital mobility, point of sale, delivery tracking… These are just a few of the areas localisation is beginning to impact on a daily basis.
More than just a means to help customers get around, localisation data has the potential to significantly influence the consumer’s buying choices. As a result, localisation technology is continually evolving, making it difficult for the discerning business to stay on top of of the latest developments.

Created to help leading actors in the e-commerce, retail, travel and hospitality sectors, Web Geo Services’ newsletter helps keep you up to date with the latest issues surrounding localisation when applied to online retailing (Local Search as a Service). In one click, you’ll be up to speed with all the latest developments in this exciting sector, helping you to develop effective e-commerce strategies that will keep your business ahead of the competition.

10 reasons to sign up to Location Magazine by Web Geo Services

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  10. Finally, as a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Web Geo Services will help guide you through the latest Google Maps developments, so you can develop a simple, effective and comprehensive e-commerce strategy.

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