The Location Magazine

The Location Magazine for Digital Marketers and E-commerce Decision Makers

Hot off the press, Web Geo Services are pleased to announce the launch of ‘The Location Magazine’, created to act as an exhaustive source of up-to-date information on everything relating to geolocation. The newsletter will help to move the field away from controversial discussions regarding privacy, tracking and data protection, aiming rather to encourage expert examination and analysis of this area of study from a variety of angles.

Discover how location systems work with Web Geo Services’ in-depth blog

The Location Magazine’ will introduce discussions surrounding geolocation, at the same time adding an expert dimension to the some of its most commonly discussed topics : e.g. geographical reach, digitalisation, points of sale, last mile delivery.

Get access to a range of expert opinions, advice and recommendations

If you are a Digital Director, eCommerce Director, Head of IT, the subjects explored in this newsletter will help to further your knowledge of:

  • facilitating visits from potential clients,
  • competitive differentiation,
  • quality and ultimate effectiveness of websites visits,
  • building customer loyalty,
  • market share growth,
  • optimal integration of networking/distribution channels.

Common worries and points of debate will also be addressed, as well as other, less-discussed elements of the conversation surrounding location.

To summarise, an overview of the blog’s style, content and tone:

  • The Magazine will appear on a regular basis, with each issue available for download directly from our website or via subscription to our mailing list,
  • News regarding latest developments and best practices, as well as the latest technological innovations and applications in terms of geolocation systems,
  • Tailored solutions offered by Web Geo Services; client feedback.

Google Maps explained

AsGoogle Cloud Premier Partner, it our responsibility to educate our audience about Google Maps APIs. The most used platform on the web is continuously evolving by adding new features that we will present and highlight in the Magazine.

Get ready to learn even more about the latest issues, challenges and developments in location. Whether in relation to individual clients, business units or stock and merchandise, you will be surprised at the what the field has to offer!