E-commerce infographic: improve your conversion rate with geolocation!

E-commerce infographic: improve your conversion rate with geolocation!

Did you know that geolocation technology can boost your business’ online conversion rates by up to 15%? Woosmap’s Local Search as a Service platform lets businesses get the best out of location data, to enhance customer experience, improve your online sales conversion and increasing in store visits.

3 reasons to take advantage of Local Search as a Service

When integrated into your business’ online strategy, LSaaS helps your site:

  • Display the nearest or most appropriate point of sale, depending on your customer’s location;
  • Personalise and adapt offers and promotions;
  • Encourage checkout and push appropriate delivery options.

Find out how geolocation can help your business with this detailed infographic

Our infographic compares two imaginary e-retailers. One of them uses Woosmap, while the other does not. This way, you’ll clearly see the advantages that geolocation offers your business.

E-commerce infographic: improve your conversion rate with geolocation!

With Woosmap, your e-commerce website automatically indicates a visitor’s nearest point of sale, from the homepage to the delivery page. This encourages customers to continue the purchase journey, either via Web-to-Store or by taking advantage of Click & Collect. LSaaS also updates customers about stock availability, streamlining checkout and reducing the number of clicks necessary to finalise their order.

Using geolocation data throughout the customer journey

Woosmap allows your business to take advantage of user-based geolocation data throughout the purchase journey. Boost your e-commerce sales by increasing customer engagement, and – most importantly – improve conversion by reducing clicks and time in the customer journey!