Amazon Locker: discover your nearest Locker with this interactive map

Amazon Locker: discover your nearest Locker with this interactive map

Delivery problems or delays, restricted access to your building or flat, a missed delivery slip stuffed in your letterbox, shorter opening hours at your local post office or pickup location… It’s safe to say that online shopping isn’t always as simple as we would like it to be. Whether as a result of a busy week at the office, store opening hours that don’t match with work schedules or not enough free time to collect purchases in the evening, many online shoppers report feeling frustrated with what should be a simple, streamlined process – and it’s e-retailers who suffer as a result.
Online giant Amazon has come up with an intriguing solution: Amazon Lockers. Designed to simplify the delivery process while guaranteeing customer satisfaction, over 1,400 lockers are currently available across the UK. Read on to discover how Amazon’s latest innovation is changing the e-retail game – and find out where you can locate your nearest Amazon Locker with Web Geo Services’ interactive map.

Be your own postman with Amazon Locker

As the name suggests, Amazon Lockers allows customers to pick up their Amazon orders at a time convenient for them, thanks to a system of automated lockers accessible via password.

How does Amazon Locker work?
When placing an order on Amazon’s website, the user is asked to choose their preferred mode of delivery. When selecting the option Amazon Lockers, the customer receives an email confirming their purchase. Once their order has been delivered to their Locker, they receive a second email containing a one-time passcode. All the customer has to do is enter the code via the Locker’s keypad for instant access to their package.

Some of the advantages Amazon Lockers offers online shoppers:

  • Secure storage of article(s) while awaiting pickup,
  • Order available for collection 24/7,
  • Easy to use and identify thanks to Amazon’s trademark yellow logo,
  • Improved delivery times and faster pickup.

Amazon orders made via Amazon Lockers remain available to collect for up to 3 working days. This seemingly limited availability actually works to streamline the order process. Any deliveries not collected within 3 working days are automatically returned to the depot, allowing Amazon to simplify refunds and returns. Meanwhile, customers are guaranteed round-the-clock access to their Locker, safe in the knowledge that their order will be waiting for them.

Amazon Locker: your local safety deposit box

Since the service’s launch in 2011, Amazon Lockers has significantly increased its international presence. Initially deployed in New York, Seattle and London, Amazon Lockers can now be found in over 1,800 different locations in over 50 cities worldwide, with over 1,400 lockers available across the UK. Key Locker locations include train and Tube stations, shopping centres, petrol stations and corner shops.

Finding your nearest Amazon Locker

Amazon customers can locate their closest Locker via their Amazon account, but for a bird’s-eye view of the UK’s Amazon Locker network, why not consult Web Geo Service’s interactive Amazon Locker map, created via Woosmap? Thanks to this innovative geolocation platform, online shoppers can select the pickup location that’s right for them – for example, while on vacation or during a business trip. So don’t waste any more time: take a look at all of the Amazon Locker locations currently available in the UK and find your own!

Thanks to Amazon Lockers, Amazon has taken another step forward when it comes to their commitment to customer proximity. What’s more, another exciting new development is in the works: Amazon Fresh. Currently only available in central London, Amazon’s latest service focuses on delivering fresh produce via an annual subscription. Coming soon to the rest of the UK? We can only wait and see...