Total entrusts Web Geo Services to implement its new Web-to-Store strategy on a global scale

Boulogne-Billancourt, November 3rd, 2016 — Total Group partners Web Geo Services to redesign its online-to-offline strategy for the whole websites.

Oil group Total partners Web Geo Services to transform their Web-to-Store strategy, with Web Geo Services’ Woosmap service to help better localise clients and assist them in choosing their point of sale.
Woosmap is the most advanced technology currently available on the market, the innovative range of services will allow Total to take advantage of all the benefits Google Maps has to offer, optimising the purchasing journey for their customers.

The global world in which we live sees people travelling more often, with Internet users continually seeking faster ways to access information about products and services they are looking for. As a result, businesses now have no choice but to adapt to consumers’ constantly evolving buying expectations, with expediency and ease of purchase among these new priorities. With the overhaul of its module mapping interface – which features a more streamlined form of navigation adapted both to smartphones and to traditional PCs – Total demonstrates its understanding of consumers’ changing behaviours, behaviours that can themselves vary depending on the device customers choose to navigate with. In addition, the store search functionality has been optimized to correspond with users’ device of choice, offering a smoother user experience..
Another of the project’s aims when continuing to prioritise user mobility is to take into account today’s globalised buying behaviours. Thus, Total’s updated map service will display the entirety of the company’s products and services (including fuels, lubricants and products linked to repairs) for a greater sense of continuity, while informing customers not only of the nearest points of sale within a given country or territory, but of others situated outside the administrative limits of their chosen region. Customers are certain of being able to find the products and services they need on a transnational scale when travelling.

The search engine’s new capabilities will allow Total to monitor consumers’ online behaviour like never before. The app’s improved Web-to-Store function, as well as the localised data it provides, is set to hugely benefit Total’s customer relationship management strategy, providing an exceptional opportunity to propose a more personalised set of offers to consumers based on their geographical region.

Woosmap’s innovation: displaying more than 200 000 Total locations on a Google Maps

Thanks to Google Maps API technology, Woosmap’s layout provides users with a first-rate experience, displaying information via a traditional interface familiar to Internet users while adding new functions intended to improve user engagement. What’s more, consumers are able to take advantage of the interface without having to navigate away from the main site.

Woosmap enables Total’s Marketing Services department to offer customers a birds-eye view at the company’s international point-of-sale network for the very first time, reinforcing its presence across the globe. Over 200,000 points of sale will be mapped eventually.

Examples (ensemble of Total’s point-of-sale network; search engine adapted for mobile)
Totals globalised business demands the highest standards across all of Woosmaps services, which Web Geo Services undertakes the maintenance and operating conditions of. In terms of display, the map’s interface will be optimised by a smoother, more fluid navigation experience, regardless of the user’s location or device.

Thanks to a digital strategy with location firmly at its core, Total can now offer its customers a range of innovative services to accompany them on their purchasing journey, wherever they may be.

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