Who we are

In the space of five years, Web Geo Services has become a first-rate partner for e-commerce and specialized distribution brands. With its SaaS Platform called Woosmap, Web Geo Services brings its expertise in the area of online mapping and geolocation data to support to prestigious international Brands in the fast deployment of digital systems that accelerates online checkouts.

Web Geo Services is Google's preferred partner in distribution and e-commerce across Europe, and is recognized as Google Maps Cloud Premier Partner.

Team-up with us, together we can make it bigger!

Make the difference, innovate!

Geo needs expertise

Trust is not given, it is earned

Since the beginning, Web Geo Services has been founded on the principle of create something different, to help people to make their work better and easier. Innovation is our core DNA, it flows in our veins. We believe in the power of innovation to succeed, and everyday, we help our Customers to reach their objectives.

Geo is part of our everyday life. It's essential and it has an impact on most of our decisions we make, everyday, wherever we are. Geo can be tremendous to achieve great objectives, and all Web Geo Services can help you to get it done the right way.

And we know it. To us, each project is different because every customer is different. Your project is crafted by our Project Team and our Devs Engineers. The link we weave with your teams, all allong the path until the project delivery phase will fuel your Trust for us.