Business Solutions

Business Solutions

To combine with the GMP APIs and meet your specific business challenge, we have developed business solutions: enrichment of transactions list with geolocation, enterprise-grade Store Locator, automated geolocation services thanks to Geofencing.




Store Locator

Showcase your network of thousands of stores or branches, with added value functionalities thanks to an enterprise-grade Store Locator. Display and search for nearby stores, compute road distance with or without traffic to each of them, centre automatically the map around the user’s position, present opening and special hours and all your store specificities, in order to leverage the power of google powerful maps and autocompletion.

Industry: Retail

Payment transaction cleaning

Search and convert dirty names of merchants into clean names to improve the UX of your transactions list and add enriched data for Europe, North America and Asia.

Industry: Banking

Geofencing & Geomarketing

Trigger an event to deliver the right messages at the right time, and in the right place to your mobile app users.
Create custom geofences, based on the radius, custom polygon or Estimated Time of Arrival, manage user’s habits and recurring Zones of Interest. Feed your marketing automation platform with advanced location insights in order to add relevant location context that drives conversion.

Industry: Retail, Travel, Logistics