CSS – Bedandbreakfast.eu gets cosy with Google Maps Platform


Founded in 1999, Bedandbreakfast.eu draws on over 20 years of ecommerce experience to connect over 4,137,869 rooms and apartments, from downtown apartments to historic manors, in 223 countries, with customers from around the world.

The company’s online offer is delivered via a reliable and user-friendly platform on which Bed and Breakfast (B&B) owners from all over the world offer accommodation to millions of travel fans. A pioneer in the online travel accommodation industry, Bedandbreakfast.eu is the second longest-running service provider of its kind, after booking.com.

By working hand-in-hand with Web Geo Services, Bedandbreakfast.eu has been able to remain competitive in a marketplace increasingly crowded with major online accommodation providers. Thanks to the smart usage of the Google Maps platform on their sites, location takes center-stage at BedandBreakfast while keeping well within budget. A sophisticated, yet cost-effective, customer experience supports Bedandbreakfast.eu growth into new geographies.


  • Developing an extensive worldwide B&B offer
  • Integrating mapping into the customer experience in a more cost-effective way


Bedandbreakfast.eu offers more than accommodation: it provides a true bed-and-breakfast experience that matches travelers to hosts who open their homes and share information about the local environment, sites, activities, and more. Visitors can search and filter a wide selection of offers to quickly pinpoint their ideal B&B vacation, and then book directly on the site. And thanks to integration with the Google Maps Platform, guests can see exactly where their rental is located before they commit to a reservation.


Full-service, around the world

Available in six languages, Bedandbreakfast.eu caters to just about anyone who wants to get away for a short stay. Every demographic and a wide range of countries are represented, with a majority of bookings originating in Europe. “We are constantly on the hunt to expand into new regions. We monitor search results that combine the term ‘Bed & Breakfast’ with a place name to see what locations are most researched in each language. Then I take a look at where we are positioned to see if the offers are high-quality, or if there might be something better out there. That way we can try to boost places that appear to offer us more opportunity,” explains Peter Kuijpers, Senior Online Marketeer at BedandBreakfast.eu.


A select—but democratic—offer

Hosts can apply to be listed on Bedandbreakfast.eu once they’ve shown they meet the company’s criteria, which is not only to provide lodging, but to ensure that guests have a truly delightful experience.


From out-of-date to up-to-date

While legacy is a great advantage in any online industry, the downside for Bedandbreakfast.eu is that their current sites are growing out of date. While branding and customer experience remain top-of-the-line, the technical backend is in need of an upgrade after multiple build-ons. The current challenge is to develop a completely new website. Considering the considerable competition from other heavyweights such as booking.com, Expedia, and Airbnb, the upgrade will also need to accommodate potential changes to the company’s business model. “They are big companies with deep pockets, so our task is to be smart with the resources we have and try to perform as well as them,” emphasises Peter.


Mapping things out

Given the importance of location when searching for accommodation, Bedandbreakfast.eu has been using the Google Maps Platform right from when it was released. But until now, that use hasn’t been as efficient or cost-effective as it could be. Location and thus the mapping API are crucial elements for Bedandbreakfast.eu. When customers begin a search, “where”  is the first and foremost factor. The Streetview API provides an additional advantage for hosts who pride themselves on the exterior look of their place, and gives guests an added sense of familiarity when they arrive. “People want to see what their rental looks like, verify that the offer truly exists in that location, and get a feel for where it’s located, i.e. near the city center, etc.,” continues the Senior Online Marketeer.  Following a website review, Google recommended that WGS and Bedandbreakfast.eu work together to reduce costs by working out strategies to save on the company’s intensive use of Google Maps.

“We spoke with WGS to find and implement solutions together. WGS Customer Care team helped us optimise the use of our Google Maps license and thus reduced our costs. The implementation process was smooth and effortless, especially compared to other API’s we use that give us a lot more work.“


—Peter Kuijpers, Senior Online Marketeer at BedandBreakfast.eu