The Location Platform for e-Commerce Websites

Automatic Trusted User's Location


Location Driven


Fasten Checkout


Product Features 

Woosmap Recommendation API

Get automatic & trusted users' position


Woosmap precisely knows your visitors' location even

if they come on your site for the first time.

Woosmap Javascript API

Buying on your website has never been so easy


A set of tools to make data handy

where and when you need it

Woosmap Data API

Your Store Data centralised in one place


Manage your location data easily.

Create, edit, query and share your data on-demand.

Woosmap Store Locator (WebApp)

The Store Locator designed for mobile

Store Locator pour smartphone

Why develop a sticky Store Locator

when you can get the best-in class in just 5 minutes?

Unique Tile Rendering Technology

Render 250K+ locations on top of Google Maps


Feature your retail network without compromise

compatible with desktop and mobile